Dream On welcomes you! Our site is a dedication as artists to the full and true development of all of us as people, as family, as ouselves. Our vision is to part the waves, let the miracles occur, and let the rivers of ourselves run open, flowing, and free. Our inimitable, natural and wild states are ones of creativity, fun, and vision-power. We believe that locked into every human being, in this familiar box called the world, is something so extraordinary, so beautiful, and so awesome that it no longer wants or can be contained anymore. We believe in love as the pervading force running everything, hiding behind every human act and behavior like the quiet of a rose. We believe that with passions kindled from real meaning in living, real dreams, and real longings, that our lives will burn with the most beautiful flame imaginable. Through being who we are, in understanding how we really feel, and through the spirit in us that seeks expression... we will heal. Conditions surrounding us will magically change, and our lives will be filled with power, creativity, adventure, and FUN.

  Dream On site wishes to present to you a painters' pallette of ideas, visions, and knowledge to INSPIRE your vision, your connection, and who you really are. Great food and herbs to feed you! Great art to feast your eyes and soul! Great knowledge in ways to free yourself! Great new music from new artists working out new inspirations from garages everywhere! In this way, the world already is a better place because you are here. Break these chains, dare to believe in yourself and those things that whisper to you. Inner voices and Visions give our life meaning...Live your dreams, even for a day break away, sail on Dreamer, Dream on dreams, Dream ON!

Malcolm Macdonald

Music:"Laramie Waltz" written and performed by Chris Nole

All Art Works by Sara Ohtake. © 2004 Dream On Company.