Malcolm's photo Malcolm Macdonald

  Malcolm was born in the beauty of the countryside in New Hampshire in the Eastern United States. It was here that he was inspired from the age of thirteen in biodynamic gardening, Yoga, herbal oil making, and a keen interest and passion for the creation of gourmet medicinal foods. He studied in Boston age fifteen with Anne Wigmore and Michio Kushi with Live Foods and MacroBiotics respectively, and continuing on to liberal arts university studies in writing, philosophy, and psychology. Later he traveled to San Francisco and Berkeley California to study the Healing Arts in depth, and especially under the mentorship of Dr. Ping Lee in ChinaTowne. This began the really passionate mix of combining medicinal herbs, aromatic oils, foods, and bodywork for the first time as a whole treatment for people... something new is born and he has been adding to this knowledge ever since. Malcolm is the contributing writer and author for the DreamOnCompany, interspersing gourmet medicinal recipes, poetry, and the RealNews Letter. His specific intention is in kindling the fires of inspiration, joy, enthusiasm with new perceptual the belief that if humans allow themselves to dream and have a vision, and to give it the appropriate sunshine and water, we will grow in experiencing ourselves as whole, generative and creative people made of love. He has collaborated with Sara Ohtake with numerous Japan Publications on healing and recipes. Currently Malcolm is Director of Cuisine and Spa with Sanctuary Recovery in Malibu and San Francisco, Ca.

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Sara's photo Sara Ohtake

  Sara is classically trained in the fine Arts,her first debut as a comic artist was with the bimonthly magazine "Petit Flower",and she has been published with the Japanese major publisher"SHOGAKUKAN" since 1990.

  Successively and contemporary with SHOGAKUKAN,and the other major publishers,Sara has published many serializations and two books;these include original fairy tales with her illustrations.Presently,she serialization with the
publication"Flowers";in her latest essays she is writing uniquely about her extensive travel and experience overseas in America and Europe.

  Sara began working with Malcolm Macdonald in 1997 to the present collaborating with him on two major serializations;"Healing Recipe" with the monthly magazine"ANEMONE"and the publisher"ASUKASHINSHA"with Sara's illustrated stories and Malcolm's reciepe's;and "Healing Cooking"with the comic magazine "YOU"(similar style as ANEMONE's)in print from SHUEISHA Publish Company.

  Also Sara is a musician.If you would like to know about her musical works,go to "Sara's Own Works"

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